Corporate Social Responsibility

Society provides us a platform to carry out our activities. Thus, we have responsibilities towards society including economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. There is a tacit social contract between a firm and a society; the contract bestows certain rights in exchange for certain responsibilities. We feel it is our duty to reciprocate what we have received from society, in some form or the other.


We have been carrying out a number of activities for rural welfare, health benefits of people at large and charitable activities for the less-privileged ones in our society. This gives us a unique and satisfactory feeling of completeness and keeps us aligned with our vision of being a socially responsible citizen.


We practice environmental safety in our production, human resource and administrative practices, thus being a part of the “Go Green” initiative.


A stakeholder is “any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of an organisation’s purpose.” We make sure all our stakeholders’ interests are taken care of by advancing in the direction

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