Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

-Henry Ford

We have made this a principle virtue of our organisation. Total commitment to quality, coupled with international exposure & expertise of technology, helps us in our efforts to grow globally. Adhering to the highest standards of quality in everything we do has been a cornerstone of our success. We always endeavour to provide best of the products and services that the customer rightly deserves.

The importance of quality cannot be undermined in any organization. With increasing demands with respect to cost, quality and delivery performance by customers all over the world, we always strive to achieve these, by imbibing the philosophy of ‘Total Quality Management’ into the organization’s culture. It has to become the very essence of the organization, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

At KORI, we take righteous pride in the quality that we provide. Our operations are guided by our Quality Policy. We believe that quality is at the root of success and practice this principle. We constantly try to create an environment of Quality and Compliance in line with the global standards.

We monitor the effectiveness of our quality measures through periodic quality reviews and audits and ensure compliance of the same. Thus, we continuously strive to upgrade skills and competence levels in Quality Control and Quality Assurance function by introducing advanced technologies.

Our products meet the highest standards of quality in the industry. We give an additional emphasis on presentation, as the presentation of the products helps a great deal in making a positive impact on the onlooker and leave a mark. At the core of our Quality Philosophy lies the commitment to achieve excellence that matches the highest levels.

Our Quality Policy

  • Establishing and maintaining the highest standards of quality, meeting cGMP norms
  • Adherence to all quality parameters related to presentation, purity, safety and efficacy though well-defined and validated SOPs
  • Continuous effort to meet global standards
  • Regular training and development of the employees
  • Compliance with all existing national and international regulations as applicable

The famous management guru Peter F. Drucker once quoted, “Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money, as manufacturers typically believe. This is incompetence. Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value. Nothing else constitutes quality.” That sums up our quality policy.